1st album by LIQUID BONEZ.

The core songs were recorded at the end of 2002 & 2003 in preparation for P.A.B.'s The Re-Up. The later songs, done w/ Shaun Lamb, were recorded in 2006.


released January 21, 2007

Co-Executive Producers LIQUID BONEZ & SHAUN LAMB
Publishing by ASCAP




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Track Name: HAVOC
F* a medallion w/ blings
I’m a stallion w/ wings
I fly over a thousand gargoyles
That think I’m their king
The wisest man is my understudy
The richest man is still under me
The purest woman can’t touch me
The sickest psychopath can’t fuck wit me
I’m a serial killer / serial killer
So aware, in my sleep I can hear a ninja
Disappear in a flicker
Put the barrel to his ear
So the last thing he hears is the <ka-Clink>
Before the bullet enters
I don’t need a torch
I’m pure ember
I walk on all fours
My knees are sore & tender
The door to my lair is through
A volcan’s boiling center
My tears sizzle and my ass whistle
I’m past wisdom
You can’t match wits with him
Like this was the caste system
I’m the sound
Of an electric eel
When it sinks its teeth down
After earthquakes I heal the ground
I live deep in your heart
Next to where your fears are found
Just south of your memoires as a child
I’m inside you like you’re my foil wrap
When I move I make your voice crack

If I don’t have to ask for forgiveness
After I finish
Then that means it’s not even vicious
Enough to make me want to spit it

I’m the blade that chopped off
John Bobbitt’s cock
I’m the glock that shot 2Pac
I’m the incinerator at Auchwitz
I’m the yellow tape around your house that
I work in the sewers
I do the job somebody’s gotta do
w/o stopping & thinking
I’m the Illuminatti
I killed JFK & Dr. Martin Luther King
I fixed the election
I opened the cockpit door
You think they barged in
w/ those little weapons
I’m the bodies the Mob
Hides behind the drywall
I’m the gum you spit out
That becomes a black spot on the sidewalk
I’m what you do after you say
“I gotta do what I gotta do”
I’m the ngh that shot the ngh
That robbed Ja Rule
I’m the evil presence in the room
I’m the one who made Christmas all
About presents & food
I’m everything that you forget about
I control when it’s a drought
I decide when agents run into ya house
I say who’s popular & who’s fizzling out
I’m a nameless, faceless white man in a suit
I control the attitudes of the youth
Anything that I want them to believe
I put on MTV and in The Source Magazine
I’m the Bill of Rights that you think
Makes you free
I’m what Saddam has up his sleeve
I’m the particles you ignore
That you have on your weed
I’m the hormones in the junk food
That you eat
I’m the stupid ho you’re in love w/
And refuse to let go
I’ll call you while I’m givin head
So you can hear the dude moan
I’m the first human clone
I’m the priest fondling your scrotum
I’m the policeman who thought the wallet
Was a gun and smoked him
I’m your sponsor and I
Just had a relapse
Come smoke w/ me
When you feel the urge
That you need crack
I’m the bikini top after the mastectomy
I’m the child you want to have
After you’ve had a vasectomy
I’m the funeral parlor that
Re-uses caskets
I’m the AIDS virus that you didn’t think
could fit through plastic
I’m the deficit that doesn’t exist
I’m the effervescent that turns into a mist
I’m the Bible verse you don’t understand
& the math problem you can’t solve
Touch me & your hands’ll dissolve
I’m Ghostface Killah before
He took the mask off
I’m the look your woman gives you
When you can’t keep it hard
I’m the phantom pain the amputee feels
In his hand, but his hand is gone
I’m the call from your usually
dramatic aunt
Talkin calm to tell you that a car crashed
Into your mom
I’m the hardness of her skin
Lying in the casket embalmed
I’m your addict son
Who’s gotta have his heron
That only comes home
to ask for cash or to
Snatch something to pawn
I’m the itchy bandages over your eyes
You can’t take off or you’ll go blind
I’m the hero’s mind
As he goes back into the burning home
To save one mo’ life
I’m the third degree burns
all over yo’ wife
I’m the lips that you’re kissin farewell
I’m like slippin in the piss
In the stairwell
I’m suicide blasphemy
I’m Q cuz U always come after me
I’m a miracle ruined by tragedy
I’m what you think about
When you can’t sleep
I’m the cursed blessing on the Jews
I’m the suicide bomber sitting next to you


You thought I was offbeat
But that’s cuz
I flow to my heartbeat
I flow till my heart stops beatin
And they gotta shock me
The doctors cannot believe
That I’m still flowin while
They perform the autopsy
I flow in the casket
At my own funeral while
My grandmother’s watchin me
I flow outside the Gates of Heaven
Until GOD acknowledges me
And if an angel tries to stop me
I’ll chop off his wings
If I get tired of flowin acapella
I’ll make Raphael play his harp on beat
I’ll flow until computers are obsolete
Slit my wrists cut open my throat
And flow until I have no more blood
I’ma flow until the Arabs blow us up
I’ll flow until existence is over
And GOD has no more Love
I’ll flow until we have a black president
Naw that’s some forever shit
I’ll just flow until we have a black
Vice president
So Chris Rock can assassinate the president
And we’ll have a black president for half-a-second
Until a Klansman deadens him
I started the P.A.B.
Just so I can embezzle it
I’m only on this album so I can
Promote myself and go get wit a better click
I’m livin life like what happens to
My soul is irrelevant
And I won’t regret it until
I’m in Hell pissin hot coals out the
Hole in the head of my d!ck
I’ll flow while the Lake of Fire’s
Burning me
I’ma keep on flowing for Eternity
Track Name: '02
swallow don’t gag
take it in the ass
make your heart break
get burned
never back away from the flame
get fucked
get screwed over
lose the race
see the sirens. pullover
pay the ticket
turn yourself in
go to jail
say ‘no’ to the visit
be a good guy
read the Bible
go to church
go bezerk
cut off your penis
work as a security guard
get shit on
live in the YMCA
take showers with snot
on the curtain
wish you had a gun
repeatedly eat Oodles of Noodles
force your way to school
jump the turnstile
find a Western Union
murder yourself slowly
let people use you
gain 20lbs
make yourself drown
let go of the wheel
close your eyes and walk
‘cross the street
stop in the middle and think
ignore the horns
cry like you were just born
shave your pubic hair
pray that you weren’t here
be useless
be worthless
waste time fantasize watch tv
mouth the words to the song
itz not your life
keep waiting to get on
hold back smoke crack
blow your money
don’t bathe
let your hairline go
don’t wash your clothes
go bummy
let the crust stay on your face
give up. there’s no hope
you’ll never make it
to the end of the race
no reason to go on
go on the White House tour
let go of the bomb
blame people
share the AIDS needle
suck the dick
become a male massage therapist
answer the ad to do gay porn & strip
call the number
follow your baby’s mother
go ‘head and be a bitch
lick the gutter
piss on the flowers
watch the soap operas
watch the talk shows
get involved in pop culture
don’t ever vote
don’t rush
learn how to cope
stop thinking
give up your dream
win a championship
stand on a bridge
toss off the ring
listen to your roommate
watchin pornos while he thinks
you’re asleep
hope while he’s jackin off he
doesn’t get anything on
the sheets
find out he got pornos of
chicks with dicks
come late everyday
wear the wrinkled shirt
collar – yellow stained
hands around my own neck
2 ½ years no sex
but it’s not the pussy i miss
it’s grabbin the tape recorder
and flowin until it’s no tape left
my brain felt so much pain
there’s no pain left
LIQUID BONEZ is like Scarface
i’m taking rounds until
there’s no rounds to take left
my side is chosen
when the sky rips open
i’ll fall to my knees and plead
either you take all of us
or you’re just leaving me
i can’t exit my sin
i can’t fight GOD
but I’m ending whoever he sends in
i’m not here to bitch & moan
my position is set in stone
gonna have to make this work
been sitting in a prison letting go
talking myself out of living
I’ll just have to die here
no more promises becuz man’s
word is weak
my verses keep
getting harder
it’s like re-learning to speak
I go inside my eyelids &
search & seek
Track Name: GOD, BLOOD, & NIGGUZ
annointed blood
boil in sin,
boil w/in,
boil over

world cancer
more to answer for
more people from
more lungs we gotta clean
tongue amputees
colons need checked
little holes in scrotum, testicles eject
head shaven for chemo
arm shaved for the needle
witch doctors drown voodoo flooded
clockers get found, wirebugs get crushed
earbuds blossoming dye blotters bleed
x-ray color photo retouching
stress to the max of a schizo
chess in the back of a limo
mescaline tab licked picked from a branch of the jungle
given to a lamb
trippin on my manz gun pointed at friends
annointed blood boil in sin
boil within
boil out, out ya pores


stop bein superstitious
i might die cuz;
Jews didn’t want to become Christians
location chameleon
Hell is changin, upgradin, & buildin
i looked at the needle but didn’t inject
still getting respect
in the dark posin
what’s my heart of hearts chosen
been frustrated since i graduated
that all might change soon, i raise rooms
but i ignored a call to the Lord
selfish, for my own reasons
riskin Hell to give the The World
a taste of LIQUID BONEZ’ thinkin
mentally extract my own organs whirl them
around in the air
put ‘em back & sew together w/ my hair
the lesser vehicle
the yin embryo
remember the elation of conception
transcendent liberation
my love is king
murder love-makin

Track Name: REVERZ6Z
i’m the boss like Gitano
i’m not just harder
than anybody that i know
i’m harder than everybody
that GOD knows
i know it’s blasphemous to say
but i may be harder
than GOD yo
even if i battled myself
i still don’t think that i’ve got hope
LIQUID BONEZ gives hoes
the heebie-geebies
he’s eating buffalo wings
he stole from those people who
live in teepees
i’m a four-armed beast
i got a chokehold on the Pope
and three priests
my soul’s soiled like a
nursing home’s sheets
as soon as i come over you scream
“get out of my home please,
before i call the police!”

LIQUID BONEZ is the best
at not givin a fuck
i’m already dead
so i’ma live it up

i’m the one they
was up in Iraq huntin
i’m a weapon of
mass destruction
i’m what happens after
you mash the red button
mufuckaz jumped out the World Trade
when they seen my ass comin
i’ll battle anybody in here
off the top of the dome
i’m trying to get myself killed
so i can knock Pac off the throne
hunt his spirit down
and give him a mic
“yo if you don’t battle me
i’ma bring you back to life.
and the rezurection will
ruin your legacy”
i should be able to pick a fight
w/o using too much energy
cuz he’s the type of dude
who likes “ride on his enemies”

you don’t want to face me i’m mean
i’m a hate-fueled machine
invade ya dream
feed you ice cream
till you have a brainfreeze
wake up and scream
change the places of
ya pancreas & spleen
so the acid in ya kidneys
burns away your flesh when you pee
“your Honor please think about
your daughter before you sentence me
i’ll stuff my cock all the way up
where her intestines be
chop it off and leave it
so she’ll always be havin sex w/ me”
i escaped from the mental hospital
on a bed sheet
robbed somebody for their ten speed
and made it back home
in time to watch Jeopardy
you know why i’m harder than any MC
cuz my energy’s higher than
Con Edison’s be
i got a lot of potential & intensity
before i start to sleep endlessly
i’ma have more records than people w/
jobs at the Census keep

yo when i get on the microphone
random people die
like i was Firestone
my wrath seems traumatic as
seein babies smashed up in a compacting
machine accident after eating half a
sheet of acid tabs
i got you scared
too much adrenaline building up in ya glands
cuz you shakin like you got ants in ya pants
doin the MC Hammer dance
wit jackhammer in ya hands
i do nghz dirty like Denny’s
you can send me
to Heaven or Hell
i’ll son both Pac & Biggie
like Ms Wallace and Afeni
like Bush, bin Laden, & Timothy
i bomb slaughter my enemies
and pour salt on their memory
ya gonna have to call it a Jihad
to be able to con
an army to stand off against me
here to cause the awful crime of the century
and get off like i was a Kennedy
the last time you saw your daughter Emily
was when i was pulling off hollering obscenities
the autopsy said her body was empty
no organs – just a lot of centipedes

i’m sorry but nothin’s sacred
i’m such an impatient
one i even cuss when i ‘m prayin
i be like “GOD, you need to stop f@%’n playin!”
i’m down the Greyhound
bus station
butt naked
blood sprayin
screaming loud enough to hear me on Venus
cuz a crustacean’s hangin from my penis
i’m a homeless genius
i roam the streets
handing out LIQUID BONEZ cds
to people acting like they don’t see it
as if it was a Jews for Jesus leaflet
i’m the fan the feces hit
can you compete wit
an angry nerd in
the cemetery
knocking graves from the dirt when
he accelerates his Chevy Suburban
bumping “Guilty of Being White”
the Slayer version
i’m on the Highway to Hell
at the next exit, i may turn in

i’ll kidnap your kid
nappin at his kindergarten class
and send you the skin from the shaft
of his penis in a Ziplock bag
i’m the big bo$$ man
heartless as a man
laughin w/ a man’s heart in his hand
you ain’t killin the mike
you just mastered the jab
i assassinated my backup plan
there’s no turnin back like
the fate of man
after they nailed the stake in the hand
of the sacrificial Lamb
too closely you betta not listen to me
cuz my d!ck is easy to get on
like a sexy singin chick w/ a relative in the Industry
findin somebody that can
battle me, and take me out hands down
is like findin someone that
raps in Pittsburgh and has their own style
after i come & see ya
they’ll be rockin you on the
backs of jackets like Aaliyah
then i’m comin to decapitate your leader
then i’m gonna laugh at you
like a pack of Africa hyenas
i’ll go back in time and find your mutha
stuff a - brick up her
vagina into the womb and delay your birth
like nghz that had kids too soon
wish they could do
i got automatic fans
that would cop my album
if it cost half a grand
cut fuck ‘em though
cuz i’ll even battle my fans
i’ll battle my manz
see me, i’ll battle anybody
i’ll battle you on your own beat
at your cd release party
i don’t battle for a monetary reward
my goal is to pour more from my soul
and see the temperature of my blood raise
i have massacred more lyricists than
Just Blaze has sample clearances
to win a battle i’d
abndon my heritage
i ask the magic spirits that live
in the mirror, “who am i ?”
and they answer, “a man of fearlessness”
but contrar to this; I WILL FALL
who will be there when i land
to eat & tear my flesh
ayo, we need to start admittin to ourselves
and stop idol worshippin these large cartels
its just getting us all put in jail
yo since we all talkin bout the same thing
why don’t we all just come together
and accomplish some great things
let’s get off this failure tip
i’m Philip Morris, i’ma keeps on
selling it until they stop inhalin it
the beat in my heart be
from the people that’s dark
that be at the heart
the Earth on my chest
like Angelina Jolie – AIDS blood as a pendant
the Caucus control over me
change the very make-up
of the blood i descended
all the old heads @ the J-O-B
keep tellin me
how i need to get the 401K
and how i’m i’m just throwin $ away
until i get in it
you think i listened?
Procrastinatin slow cash makin
overtime workin dough in the bank
and it’s not accumulatin no interest
i’m getting interested in dividends
friends are diminishin and burnt
bridges are bridging again
sans the bickerin
i got enough letters -- if i sent ‘em
to you unedited man
i’d take you over your text messagin plan
play cobra & sense you if i can
eyes closed loyal to spiritual forces
i’m a royal imperial fortress
before you get home
appear on your porches
tearin a pear off the cord if
the serpent is aware of the orphan
leering at abortion for his own kids
the cycle continues . . . the cup runneth over
i’m pointin a gun at Oprah in the name of Jehovah
militant as if i
just watched Sankofa
the Revolution will not be televised
it will be WiFi
i’m not sending shot-outs to those
doin what they got to survive
i’m giving kudos
only to those who thrive
those who live in the Kingdom of GOD
and ain’t died yet
kids that memorized scriptures and ain’t five yet
those that dig in graves
& don’t find Death
rezurekt lives yes!
there’s more to be saved from than going to Hell
HIV was once diagnosed as
taking host in your cells
like turpentine i’m workin fine
to bring the paint on the walls down
i spit that vicious -’99 Slim–twisted ‘ish
eff a green thumb green thumb
i stick out like spinabifidis
Track Name: The HORRIBLE
i set fire to Christians
like Nero the evil emperpr
your vital signs at zero
i even kill the hero
tryin to reurekt ya
when the World Trade Center fell
i was partying with Arabs
and tossin confetti
after the Holocaust
Hitler called me to tell me
that my lunch was ready
i’m the 1st black man
to join the Ku Klux Klan
become a Grandmaster
after i stab Jesse Jackson
and his bastard
you gasp cuz it’s so traumatic
as i force the cameraman at
BET to broadcast it
i’ll probably be blacklisted
before i even have my ass listed
my career’ll be over in such a fast instant
you won’t even have memory i existed
i’m an Uncle tom
inside my head i’m white
i whip my slaves every night
Black people are stupid
i’ve always secretly believed this
just like i think Jesus is shrinking my penis
i try not to get it hard
becuz it’s all covered in lesions
i’m the evil boss
who got you comin to work sick
cuz you scared to call off
whenever my secretary fucks up
i call her a cunt
and even though she’s married
i make her lick my balls on her lunch
& “what you on’ do about it baby, sue?”
“do you have the cash to survive
while the class action suit goes through?”
“i didn’t think so bitch,
so lemme play w/ you ass & your boobs.”
i scare the troops when i tell them the truth
and burn holes into their parachutes
when i need to relieve stress
and get back some mental control
i execute innocents on Death Row
incarcerate scholars
i lead a cult, i brainwash my followers
they’re all gonna kill themselves tomorrow
& i’ll walk away w/ their life savings
sometimes i pinch the little boys tushies
while everyone has their eyes closed praying
steal toy drive donations
i’m scraping your hemorrhoids with a cheese grater
during your Lasik surgery
i’m turning up the laser until
your corneas ignite flaming
i’m driving intoxicated
an’ i might make the same mistake as
that guy who hit & run my mother
back in ’98 did
i’ll change your plates w/
a fugitive’s and you have a similar face to his
so when the bounty hunters come
if i was you i wouldn’t say shit
becuz they think you’re armed & dangerous
and unless you wanna go out like Diallo
and get annihilated
i would just go down w/ them to the station
and try to explain it
i coulda turned in bin Ladin, but i’d rather
let him get away w/ it
i eat raw Blizzard mix
i’m tryin to get fat
i sleep in a tanning bed
i’m tryin to get black
i’m spiritual laxative
i attack kids
and call the most sensitive boy
in the class a faggot
i tell him that it’s his fault
he has divorced parents
make him live w/ a foster mother
who only has him
to support her Home Shopping Network habit
when he asks for food
she just starts laughin
the refrigerator is the rat’s bathroom
open the door & see a swarm of maggots
i get followed by a pack of lawyers
cuz they know as long as i’m conscious
or even on this planet
an accident is bound to happen
i drop relief packages
on a fleet of starving Africans
and when they open it
all they see is a jack-in-the-box laughin
i left my wife while she was sick
took the kids & moved in w/ a white chick
and since she buys them lots of presents
they like it
“Miss calm down!”
“there’s no reason to throw a fit
your son’s not missing
i know where he is
becuz i stole & sold your kid
ma’am get your husband
before i put a hole in his head
better yet a hole in his scrotum
so you won’t be able to have no more kids
i injected toxic waste into your uterus
so if you try to have artificial insemination
you’ll give birth to mutants
but unlike the X-Men
their deformities will be stupid
like toes that grow out the chin
so they’ll use their lips to
find shoes that fit”
i break in your lab
and piss on your files
make you my star witness at trial
you don’t wanna snitch
but i tell you if you don’t
you won’t see you kids for awhile
when i’m prosecutin
hooligans never see the moon again
physical therapy patients do
exercises in a pool i released
electric eels into
i pull out the AK & shoot
the audience at the Apollo if hear a boo
i hate the audience
i dip the tickets in nitroglycerine
so when they applaud
they hands catch on fire
slash the ambulance’s tires
spray DDT on the crops
weld fire hydrants shut
& make crank calls to suicide watch
don’t let me catch you slippin
i’ll fuck you in the ass
we don’t have to be in prison
i’m crazy as Michael Jackson
on acid trippin
i jack my d!ck to movies
with Brad Pitt in it
i grab a stack of teen mags and masturbate
to photos of B2K & Justin Timberlake
don’t call me a faggot, get it str8
i’m a sex addict
i’ll fuck anything
even cats ain’t safe
i’ve been getting into bestiality
eatin cum is good source of protein
w/o meat’s calories
there’s only one thing that i’m not down for
& that’s child porn
that’s past the line
and i won’t cross it
until i meet a lil girl wit a fat ass
then i’m on it
the world is sick & i’m chronic
i’m the logic of the church in the medieval days
i thought up burning people at the stake
i’m the only rapper wit a scarlet letter
i’ll go where you won’t
that’s what makes me Harder, Stronger, Better
i’ll rob Mr. Rogers for his sweater
but he flipped out & kicked my ass
when i touched his railroad track
‘alright, alright i’ll give it back’
i’m the sweatshop foreman
if you don’t have both breasts & a cock
sex is boring
finger you with a gun
give you cunninglingus until you become numb
i’m a hermaphrodite
trying to find a hermaphrodite
that has their vagina and penis
in the opposite places as me
so her/him & i can fuck simultaneously
i walk around in a plastic suit
the fabric made out of condoms that you used
& balloons that crack addicts pooped
me & Pretty Paul are lovers
you might find us kissin each other
w/ our d!cks in each other
‘only if there’s a rubber!’
sometimes we even get the threesome
on w/ our ngh T-Bone
he’s a sexy-ass ngh w/ one
heckuva deep throat
‘OhmiGod did you hear what he wrote?’
‘and he doesn’t even smoke’
‘can you imagine what he’d say if he got blowed’
‘damn he got flows.
but last nite i saw him getting slapped like a ho’
‘that’s cuz he is and Dru Down is his pimp.
he’ll suck your d!ck for 10
and for an extra 5 you can cum in his mouth’
‘word i need some head,
let me get my money out’
Track Name: ART of NOIZE
some rappers don’t wanna see me furthered
like Jigga’s oppression of Harlem
the same reason why he had Big L murdered
they feel threatened when i walk in
insecurity haunts them & directs their purpose
in your hood i’d be the don
but in mine, i’m just a pawn
cuz it’s 2 different leagues
2 different scenes
we grew up 2 ways
you lived w/ ease
we unrated , only available on bootleg
where the resolution is grainy
the music is crazy
the model’s make-up is cake-y
the actin is bad cuz everybody playin they-self
we pose for as many pictures as possible
and make songs just to get our catalog full
so we can live on as long as the horns on the wall of the bull
human trophies, medals, & symbols
with crystals for arteries
liquid gold like a martyr bleeds
Rest In Peace Chris Martine
sit my heart in bleach
the top sticks out like an iceberg pink
as the bottom part gets clean
my cold touch stings
there’s no such thing
but righteous sin i love
rhyme book in the strip club
i sit in pig’s blood
once you’ve defiled the sacrifice
i don’t need guns to silence ya life
i haunt you in your dreams
like Pontius Pilate’s wife
& no this ain’t that ‘on top music’
this that rock bottom blues shit
strivin 2 make life better by screamin these notes
cryin make me write better, so why reach for hope
i’m not makin evil for the sake of evil
i genuinely DO wanna reach the people
i’m tryin to overwhelm them
from their comfort zone and melt them
mold them down like clay
starin at truth in the face will help them
i praise the LORD Jesus
as i slice your brain in four pieces
windows fogged up, in the rain i’m speedin
left turn signal on
i pray this oncoming truck can see it
i’m sick-minded,
like a cross-dressin white kid
you’re havin an identity crisis
cuz after i carve these markings in your skull
they won’t be able to identify it
if they ever did find it
you’ll just be a lifeless,
pile of bonez
my file is known
online all over the globe
compared to me Big & Jay
have only a common cold
i’m the creepy guy in the club
who really liked you
so why not follow you home
shaun lamb{Let me hear all the noise,
Sometimes man, it feel like we in the caves of west Europe
Liquid bonez I love you man}
liquidbonez{i love you too doggi}
shaun lamb{Liquid Booonez!!}

shaun lamb
The erb aroma got my mind in a coma, I sit back wit my eye close and see the drama, it like a movie screen, head fly like a guillotine, oil and gasoline mix laced inside my canteen, I’m high octane, ready to survive this battle plain, wit the beast wit seven head, and the stress in my brain, the final chapter pagans praying in a chapel, savages running in the streets from the papal, year 1999, detonation of the mind, ill plot grafted by illumination design. So F--k the government, my words is like a covenant, for those who live it, Words rated R because it vivid, it motion like a picture two shoot of the liquor, got niggaz stress out with my finger on the trigga, don’t pull dat trigga, so God bless my nigga Monero, whoa!

shaun lamb
Angels sings, of endless times, for the depth of our sins

every time i look behind me
i see fingers in the blinds
misfits of flamboyant chaos
vultures addicted to the sickness in my bonez
mournin my own dead soul
in the corner of my skull
catacomb collection
catalog of weapons
projectile throwin
rounds w/ a liquid fire coatin
in a spiral motion
matador into a pile of swords
f’d ip in the pit drugged up
who’s servin me doom
in the emergency room
under the influence of sherm & shrooms
a pot of hashish mixed w/ Pac’s ashes & a drop of acid
sell a flock of Africans
to Contra rock traffickers
street don leave my feces on your Nissan
hostile as the Black/police bonds
hold up ya wig on Montezuma spears
exume your soul & hold it 4 years


i just lied down
awkward positions chalked men be in
makin spines tingle
fingers passin hairs on end
i hit the ‘X’ like the men
Farrakhan send
splice the wires and
connect real life w/ my desires
getting chased by a poltergeist older than Christ
known to strike when i’m idle
my mind got stretchmarks
reincarnated cells from souls that went to Hell
feel like i lived in so many worlds
so many emotions swirl
schizophrenic kid
irritated by a change in the wind
abort your mission or force your wishes
intuition wise listen to your mind
back in the day, my faith moved by
Satan’s razor blade
decorate your brain
the chaff is passing away
my black pants saggin w/
my hands grapplin my big, bandwagon-d!ck
i got reknown respect
don’t need a gun
just point my finger and make a sound effect
Track Name: BlOODfiRE the Reprise
To have something more than human
coursing through you
i even ask for GOD’s Wisdom while commitin sin
the night is an eliminator
savior of memory
ask Him, where am i to go from here
look for more food
the Devil will give you time to pray but
the Devil gave me time to pray
grow in grace
our life is a reflection of what’s in our Heart
sin technology butter dark
love hunger memory moon
enemy of your & my destiny
wick stickin out of my silent, hot heart
i see an enemy & sting like a sea anemone
health insurance doesn’t cover CAT scans fat chance
the daughters of Syria
the authors of Hysteria
look caution in the mirror and call it a punk
i needed you at times but not all at once
memory card of the stars
held a pouch w/ black sin in it
blood caresses me
exit 11:15pm
access granted, never again
access granted, never again