SFTSF (The Origin)


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The 2nd album from LIQUID BONEZ, a rapper/multidisciplinary artist from Pittsburgh, PA.
For more of his world please visit; liquidbonez.com


released February 2, 2010

all tracks produced by Shaun Lamb
except where otherwise noted

post-production mixing by Soy Sos




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Cheryl Smith, Gee Gee, & Shameeka
you know what you gotta do
you gotta do, what they don't do

Black MegaDeath
i grow gunz outta Dead Flesh
Rat's heads Ox's necks
a whole orchard of war
i water w/ your blood
Alien keys scientist
Brain keys
Mulder & Scully you can't
deny the source of the Ugly
night hallucinations
sleep derpivation
cemetary fence paintin
Hire someone Dead
capture the acid ketamine
from your R.E.M. Dreamz
dirty and i still look pretty
movie starz Lookin filthy
murder paradise


i go into dreamz and
steal kids
Feed the Taoist Chinese
railroad descendant of
Moses at the spirit of
the millenium i was spittin
like phlegm in a den in
Bethlehem when Jesus
was born i led the 3 Wise Men
to Him Exploded the preachers
inside the fist pound grenade
oscillating avoiding me like
potholes Lost algorithm
Taoist momma cosmic Quest
Lady Liberty she's a BimBo
Golden Mystery

Track Name: TIME
This is Real Life
i'm in a midlife crisis
25 is the age/
for a Black man
i'm watchin my life pour like
grains of sand
Thought i woulda been On
copped my own strip mall
instead i work a sh!t job
gotta bite my lip hard
Scared to quit my job
cuz i'm takin care of Pops
lookin at the comb,
seein all the hair i lost
feelin all the pressure
that falls on Dar-i-on
i'm thinkin all the time
how my time could end
on myspace searchin for
childhood friends
my biggest worry used to be
movin the bud
Now i'm worried about how i'ma
lose this gut
Time after time i try
i'm tryin to get it right this time
tryin to fight for mines
its time to right sum wrongs
a 3rd time writin this song
Can you rewind time back? No
Sometimes you have to
let some people go
Track Name: GOT A THANG 4U
cheryl smith
look what you made me do
you break me up inside
i got a thang 4u
this love i cannot hide

drops of new life
down your throat and around your holes
every pore a basin of perspiration
for my hands to bathe in
breakfast in bed & then some head :)
@ the Breakfast & Bed Inn we lay in
pancakes & eggs please don't awaken the
LSD paintings i see hallucinations while i'm hanging
by my ankles over cliffs of Anticipation
my mood is hallelujah
one of those things you're better off
Displayin instead of sayin
demonstrating instead of explainin
sugarush High
we blush when we look into each other's
eyez fruit mind, Douche inside b4 i cum
inside and when we cum, leave the juice inside
smoothing your hairline


Enter Chambers of Sex
where Feather fingers
rollerblade on Flesh
welcome to my Candy Island
Hands i tie them
don't analyze
let your ass rise
past the sky
into the Black night
flashback --- orgasm backcrack
let's take a naked nap
mystical intercourse
champagne in the chandeliers
candles, tears
the aura of the menorah
is manna cake
angelic flakes
land on your face
i can't wait till Wednesday
to wed you

cheryl smith
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm- ohhhhhhhhhhhh!
Track Name: LOOK @ THIS NGH
look @ this ngh
he think he all that
when i walk in
that's how they be talkin
big nghz, tall nghz
mixed nghz, ballin nghz
white men & Rastafarians . . .
all of them Hate Darian
all i did was
put flowers on her desk
and he came at me w/
the Rage of X's verse in
Money, Power, Respect
this can make DARIAN
unneccesarily ARROGANT
the whisperin and snickerin
all goes to my Head
i'm tryin 2 remember what Shaun said
they don't really want you its your
Annointing -- while i'm oiling
a beautiful passionate
smooth & fantastic
Gluteus maximus
slide your thong to the side
so it don't get wet
transexual Tyranosaurus
Rex havin sex w/ vegatables
i wanna F you to death
so Strange and abusive
like a Jamaican
when i want your legs
to move i move them, i don't
say excuse me i'm not
rude, i'm manly
and hairy and sweaty,
deadly i leave
bite marks underneath your
sleeve --- up by your
i hope you don't bruise easily
i want the aroma of Lust
but i NEED the fragrance
of Love i want to be
Pure as a Star
w/ the force of a lightning rod
to come in my wife in front
of GOD
"Hey Yo Bonez man they
on yo Ass!"
Word! But who the F@%k is heard
its time to take a trip
out to space
let 'em see a Nigga Invasion
point blank raygun pointed at a alien
cock the laser, crack
a smile
take me to your lair pal
got to the chamber
my eyes got wide indeed
cracked the code, got the fuel
& the Cube of Dreams
at warp speed i'm at the C-R-I-B
even took the alien bitch w/me
sittin in my quarters, yo it couldnt be
"hey yo wut up fam?"
saw my face on the hologram
i didn't know i lucked out
struck out, i gotta teleport out
packed my ship
& tried to make it to the launchpad
but the old lady musta
called fast
cuz the NASA FEDs were out there 10
i got hassled and gaffled
in the back seat,
of the police ship, i tried to beat it
i think back to when i was robbin
Mankind, the M.I.B.s ain't pay it
no mind
but when i started robbin Martian
banks, now i'm in prison in the moon w/
an oxygen tank
Ice Cube said it before and i'll still flaunt it,
Track Name: CONNECT
itz a dark night,
bodies Drift in the sea
Life iz a Bitch man
this I see
Stroke Rough, Love Hard
make her Bleed
- - - - ditto - - - -
Dr. Gonzo
make her Bleed
- - - - ditto - - - -
make her Bleed

yo, Ayo my Dreams may put me in
the poorhouse
the Landlord in the War Room
w/ a Full mouth
whores organizin organs
Hostel, makin noize all over Europe
Interpol put a chip in my sole
morse code in my chorus
Jason Bourne-Norris
passport of a tourist - African
American tappin the American channel
askin "whatz really happenin?"
i wasn't mistaked by the mask
i know Saddam is in Jamaica
w/ Bin Laden
i'm in the way of a train
baby in hand
maybe my gas pedal will get
maybe i pushed it to the
limit and this is an excuse
suffering from tourettes and
manic depression
askin people questions
i hear little people steppin -
munchkins i want nuthin But
to believe in somethin and Have
someone Love me
when things get tough

--Tourette Syndrome & LIQUID BONEZ
siftin through the cones . . .
Roman Catholic cardinals
Vatican packin arsenal
in a Mafia fashion
pterodactyl flappin
crashin into mansion
superglamorous Danielle
make Mohandas Gandhi's d!ck swell
she'd fight for you
MLK would fight for you
make Muhammed Ali
come out of retirement for you
you set my eyez on fire
afta months of us in love
i'd die 4 u
horses glaze
palminos race
Arabian-colored shades
subtitles bust n^!!s up like a bullet train
the potential evergy changed
into kinetic when i came
into, into kinetic when i came!
When you Feelin the energy
you don't even baaaaaaathe
when you Feelin the energy
you don't sleep 4 daaaaaaays
I got the Kin-et-ic Tendencies
& go-getta waays
its right in my Faaace
i gotta get it todaaaaay
Track Name: GET IT RITE
Sir Ben Marx
so glad you walked in my life
you make me feel alright
i wanna make you my wife
but we gotta get it rite

i wake up in the morning
yawning its early
i look to my side its a beautiful woman
have to crack a smile
when i realize she's mine
hugged up real close
w/ her bottom to my belly
this is our home, we don't
hook up @ the telly
we play & we kiss
we squeeze and we touch
i think i'm just about to reach
the peak of my lust
but here comes the argument
she has no common sense
all i asked you was "where's your part
of the rent?"
she has a hissy fit
actin ridiculous
i go back to bed
like Al Bundy hand on my d!ck
Ironing her clothes
while i'm brushin my teeth
i try to smooth things over
she disgusted w/ me
her ride outside waitin blowin the horn
i steal kiss from her
as she goes out the door


so i come in the house
i feel it in the air
the tension is thick
i smoothe back my hair
i peek in the kitchen
relief i am mission
i wanna rekindle
& just cuddle a little
she at stove gettin her Rachel
Ray on
we gott be together
i'm feelin like Akon
i grab my sizzurb
out the fridge
and walk into the living room
where i sit
she brings me a
savory plate of spaghetti
i'm ready to make peace, love,
come sit on my lap
look in papi's eyes
tell me how you feel
about how we doin
i appreciate the meal
i will dig into it
i'm feelin fatigued
the week catchin up on me
i'm fallin asleep i feel
you warmly kissin me


i wake up from my nap
wipin drool off my chin
i hear you on the phone
w/ your chickenhead friend
i look to my right
see my dinner is cold
damn, she gon' have a fit
she was slavin over the stove
i catch you fresh out the bathroom
dressed to the nines
no i can't even lie
yes you look fine
you say you goin out
w/ your girls
to get some attention i mention
the moment on the couch
when we made up
i thought you would stay in
and we would make love
you laugh in my face
talkin trash like i hate
stand in the Hall in your way
like a Barricade
she caught me by surprise
pushed me to the side
2 fingers spreaded
passed me the Peace sign

Track Name: daydREaM
Itz enough love stories in Hollywood
To call me toward a different direction
Force your hand is this what you wanted to find when
You began dissectin? I’m here in this place I’m not
Worthy of daydreaming about my dayz in
In places I was too good for – situationz that make
Me blush. Not Hood Warz nothing so
Glamorous automatic Gunz have nothing to do w/ us
Babys conceived during nooners born @ midnite on a leap year homeless
Couples makin love in dumpster trucks wipin cum off
w/ Banana peels
Fugitives Hiding Hostages Holding safety deposit
Boxes on the run constantly bumping stuff like N.O.R.E.’s 1st album #3
Sometimes I would tell Teddy to put “Sometimes” on Repeat

she’d pick me up in the 3.2 if she was Jay I was
Bleek I was crunk, she was low-key that was a
Decade ago My memory bank is filled w/ acid in my
Flesh ate a hole I need
2 Balance it w/ bases take that powder oFF the scale and taste it
I’m worthful and wasteless you’re worthless and wasteful
Hurt you painless in shock from Numbness
Awakened 2 a dazed state Resuscitated into a
coma Full of nightmares
and boil over Anger w/ icetears
I need a Release I fiend for the streetz
I sleep on my Feet
i used to walk into walls sleepwalkin while runnin
the streets daydreaming the
only thing that got me through them All-Nighters. I’m Black as sin
Full of white men my oppressors 'fluence my
Sisters sittin @ the hairdressers
nubian kings: superhuman beings
with super seed that supercedes
the previous needs of futuristic dreams
beautifully unique Elohim
shoot beams of music from Uzi machine guns
on trapezes with no trampoline
Beneath the Surface like GZA
personal vendettas, perceptions
and pictures flicker
the connections are loose
tore down St. Francis
made the schizophrenics regroup
R.I.P. Uncle Larry Palmer
we never investigated your death or
cared to bother
you washed up on the Mon River
no ID on your body ya
momi couldn't ID your body
in ya mind Brilliant ideas probably
excuses and assumptions
Don't justify us doin nuthin
i apologize the Horizon is comin
gangs survive generations
prisontime incinerates them
we're told Purgatory is only Catholic
but the Hole is sought after
by manslaughterers and
felonious bastards
Merovingian chapels
Indian papals
the conquistadors conquered
the Columbians coordinatin
coordinates to drop Quarter keys
in the keys
Bermuda triangle : Puerto Rican
pirates tarantulas in bananas
manhandled by slaves traded for rum
to chiefs who began our last days now
eatin with the Chinese who are squeezin
the last of the blood from the leaves
of Eden

the dead come alive an
giving new meaning to the word 'uprising'
seeing is believing though you think i'm lyin
mane like the sun with the third eye bright
second sight enlightenment
assassinating ignorance
the sword of this night like St. Michael in flight
we don't want no
we want avant
why you sit here
the world still is
guide us to the
b4 our 3rd
eye close
our 3rd eye close
our 3rd eye close

Guardian of the
Avant Guarde like the
Polish kid from Pittsburgh
Warhol stashin
cash in the Mattress for
a hundred 100 gallon gas cans
Ample political cattle
sacrificed upon the
Presidential Pedestal
Present & Future Temples
seizures between 2 pillars killing
Philistines & Caesars
suffocating on
pills in pillows i know a
single, single mother
that practives her suckin
on dildps
sedona Fleshhh
this is an ode
to the odor of Death
open chest wounds showing
beating hearts and lungs
holding smoking breaths
i'm a
fun-loving genius
with drugs under
my penis
Hung somethin on a
clothesline on Venus
went to Venice through
Underwater Procedures
Teleport in
Teleropa's genie lamp
Peice & WRAP
the side of a space sea
itz amazing
the way agings's
changed me i walk in Blood
wearing faces od ass-
assinated persons i
impersonate personnel
on bases don't know
if i'm a passionated pacifist or
just a passive man
with patience
what's in our atoms
that attracts the masses?
what had to have
happened to tilt the axis?
why the curse for the
Last 5 centuries?
i'm trying to search for my
Ancestor's burned memorys


i feel locked in a box w/ no air
walls Xeroxed w/ my spiritual blocks
Unempirical clocks watched by John
as he wrote on Patmos
shoot up Milan catwalks w/ calicos
and send the photographs to
Conde Nast & Vogue
the wrath of old-
money is like volcanic ash it grows
rainforests that can go
@ a moments notice
Unbeknownst to me is a world before crack
my rosarys have snapped and
Rolled into the sewer grate
i've let my view be skewed of
who is great
Learn English ads on the train
i can see signs of prejudice
i guess i'm prejudiced
7th sense 5th Element
we skipped the 6th cuz it was
Don't speak yourself sick
Be healed by Faith not the faith healer
I used to have an tail on
my Tailbone African mommis
creating AIDS antiBodies
Happy 50th anniversary to Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Ollie
Track Name: superfuturisticthugsciencefiction!
lizard fire hydrant standing
by a stop sign
silver lobster troopz
psychadelic slides
instinct may open another chamber
my risk to dough ratio
be insatiable
slice apart arteries
Like a Lucky
Charm 2 me
pakistan conspiracy
mass hysteria
hitchhikers speedomeer
blisters on me genitilia
volcanic ash
Vanessa del Rio's ass
i'm salmon swimmin upstream
whisper speakin illegal ancient embryo
women w/ sideburnz
I feel sanctified

Shuan Lamb

"yes i would like a
oil martini on ice
w/ coke on the rim
stirred not
Burn up The Bacon
cross section
cut no bleed
Buttons stolen
while you sleep
<Shuan Lamb
speed math infomercial
red eye one onion
in this church thinking,
i'd rather be at a rave
am i wrong for thinking i want to play
take away these
chains take away
this pain take away this
anger take away this age
Take away this rage
take away this faaaaaace


jump into the rear
side of the mirror
dimension invention
prevention timeflux intervention
sonicBooom room
dead bodies float in the
morgue -- attacked by a horde
of cyborgs
universe chairboard
mercenary of the galaxy
pornography prince symbols
Bowl of titties
Don't let your mind wander
about Janet Jacme
porno movie from 9th pr 10th grade
passed between the crew
the heat of the ring
white table clothed
i'm on some Black model
madonna sh!t
penis toucan beak
bubble letter
gettin used to her smell
nghz that look like cars

{remaining lyrics destroyed during the recording}
The Wisdom,
The Honor
The Power & the Might
Despite the Pain that we Feel
in every Hour of our Life
the Boredom of the Routine
the useless search for new things
The idle time we spend
that we could be harnessin
the pit stops and traps
on the path that you take
The people that you leave
and the U-turns that you make
The Confession and Repression
and then you Learn the Lesson
The Acceptance that you're Flesh Wins
and you may not go to


i'm feelin so lukewarm
don't wanna work in group homes
i tried to buy a new home
my credit score was too low
my new whip got repo'd
my old girl is psycho
my new girl is white tho
my sperm gave, life in both
unborn babes, died in both
The Word stays inside your heart
& shines light while its dark
my life gettin sliced apart
i take it wit a grain of salt
i'm waitin to get struck down
i'm waitin to get Buckwyld
i'm waitin for the white cloud
the day to judge my life now!


there are consequences
to livin out here senseless
when you Read Revelations
everybody don't get taken
Emotion & Imagination
chidhood evaporation
crashin as i'm Astral planin
Blackin out & i'm faintin
paint my face Ritual
the message is subliminal
i tried to make it minimal
i couldn't break the Physical
change my thinkin spiritual
i hate myself, i really do
and who i've changed into
----ashamed of my face
i can't Face what i did to you

momi your bed was big & soft
i used to brush your hair
it was silky & long
you made the best french toast
home filled w/ the scent
of incense smoke
It was never awkward
walked around the house topless
we would park the car
and have very long talks
we played badminton
over the clothesline
cuz of you i never grew up
with a closed mind
u made me worldly at a very young age
i knew Muslims, Asians, & gays w/ AIDS
i loved your colorful,
big earrings and bracelets
at night wore shades
i swore you looked famous
i can once strongly recall a time when
i was awakened by your sobs & cryin
i asked u what was wrong,
what caused your tears?
you gave a long hug
and calmed my fears.

through the night & day
don't ever you ever go away

when i had that skin disease
you rubbed my arms
after surgery
you pushed me very hard
we were often torn
and didn't get along
but you always informed me
what was going on
i know you respected me &
were very proud
talked to your friends about me
when i wasn't around
as a preteen, i started to battle
it was me, wantin to be,
out of your shadow
i was embarassed by your flambouyancy
and now your boy's the same way
see the irony
i wish you could see me
& the man i plan to be
i wish you were still here
standin right by me
i wish it for Xochitl
even more than me
and for Cherise
she needs support horribly
you can see the guilt & grief
on Grandma's face
she ain't been the same
since Aunt Faye's gone away


the best memories i have
took place in Monterrey
i still get flashbacks
when i play SADE
like Femme Fatale,
and Nina Simone
i get sentimental
when she comes on
never let me talk
like a kid from the projects
said a sentence wrong
you would always correct it
all the cracks i stepped on
broke my mother's back
i would unstep those steps
if i could go back
i never forgave you
for gettin out the Army
this was the root true
reason i was salty
cuz for a long time
it was almost poverty
i couldn't stand it
and began harboring
then when my grades dropped
is when we started arguing
u called up my Grandma
& soon i was departing
i came back for summer
& Christmas vacations
this is when we started
to make headway again


i went home this fall
and lost contact
didn't answer your letters
or even call back
i didn't mean to do it
was being reclusive
i took you for granted
and look what happened
Track Name: 11th GRADE DOPEMAN
There once was a kid in 11th grade
that took over the whole Eastside Drug Trade
he took wrk in a bookbag to school
& pitched @ every kid in the bathroom
he had all the whiteboyz callin to buy
cuz he had the best product ALL THE TIME
the nghz from the Hood got real upset
so they called up his crib makin real dumb threats
5'3" w/ beef, so he bought a 380*
no longer repped the block, cuz they all was shady
you thought he was a goody-two-shoe
but he was 2-TRU
never made a boo-boo
he was too smoooth
made nghz sick when he got on the bus
in his Eddie Bauer flanel & his all blue Chucks
the kids called 'em Crazy Dude
born in '82
U-N-C Starter jacket- baby blue
He used to set-trip w/ the L.A. flavor
still kept his rep like a decade later
made his cash in the game
& got out there the quik
Hey! there go one of the nghz he was
out there w/ . . .

verse2 E-Vicious
I could only tell you what i know
They go where the cash go,
So if the cash float they'd be on a cash boat
Wit some cash fishin rods, and some cash bait,
Opposite of anorexic,
They had weight,
Them niggaz made madd cake
E & D was sellin out on a bad day,
They face should be up on the GLAD page,
Cuz they bought up half the bags that
glad made
D was killin 'em, Ask J
And E was smashin 'em, ask Wayne
Only thing is, you better have that cash paid,
Somebody owed D and he cracked him w/ his damn tray,
And that was bacc in the lunch days,
Sellin weed under the table for that lunch pay
They did that all day,
And when they ran out, they just called Kane

11th Grade Dopeman
droolin over pages in URB Magazine
Gladbag the shrooms & foilwrap acid sheets
Juxtapoz, crush the grove, make sure he
doesn’t know – that this stuff is laced w/ such ‘n such, dust, & blow
locker swappin, dog dodgin, fast talkin, half-shoppin.
underneath the table while the
underpaid guard watchin
Independent field trips; projects, colleges.
middle school prospects - put 'em on the pyramid
Youngblood fam - gave 'em shelter from the elements
12-inch blade w/ the brass knuckle hilt on hip
please double check you ain't leave nuthin in the whip
underneath the seat. if my parents see it, they gon' flip.
manz got knocked so he felt like better lay
low. didn't plan to stop, rest till his next play
does he ever look back?
yes, like everyday
this is his testament
11th grade escapade
screams of hell make me shudder
silence is my favorite sound @ the moment
searchin 4 a Back Door 2 Heaven
GOD is determined to
constantly remind me that this is not
if only i could pull open these Gates
i'm unlocking the doors on Vanderbilt
already gave up my life -- what more do you
want from me
i wish i was already @ the end again
i wanna go back to my
dreamz --- invisible dreamz
i wanna go back to sleep
i'd rather stay asleep
avoid Happy people as
as much Possible
try to get a dangerous job
know some secret stuff
get someone to kill you
so GOD can't say u committed
suicide -- keep a Hitman on
the side - someone who will
kill you in case you
get paralyzed - it was all
just a plot to get
me saved before i died
i'm not a Real Christian
i'm only a Christian becuz i
don't wanna go to Hell


metropolita Narkotica
ATF's entrance thru Doorz
approached inside a wall
of my flesh
infect thee airborne thru
open sores
i'm abusing the Blood
my night at the club
i don't belong here
[in this scene - this is the
moment after i did somethin
sittin on the curb -- waitin
for the rest of the cops
to come
your boys lookin at you
shakin they heads
regrettin the day you & they met]
i left rejection &
Took a walk around the
waves of pain raise up in me
in the
Depths of Adversity
i'm only comforted by eternity
i wanna off myself in the
bathroom stall
Jackin off until
all my nuttz fall
onto the toilet seat
i'm starting 2 love the heat
of tears running down
my cheeks
The urges must be
satisfied God was like
i might as well use it
for my services.


He doesn't Help
He just watches
When it starts hurtin
talk about yourself in
3rd person
the worst part of the job
is when i have to kick
Homeless people out of the store
in my Head Chillin in the
mourner of my own DEAD soul
Dead thoughts is dead
i deadened my mind
1once your thoughts are dead
might as well cut off the
Head i wonder
if i'll ever Kill
anyone? cheerleaders @
your funeral
Lose the physical
Become a muse to the
imagine what GOD knows of the
the view of us from another


the Broken Unicorn
Track Name: TRUST iz a LUXURY
that comes w/ risk
& Lust & Loyalty
just don't mix
the Heart is deceitful
It will lead you
donw stormy paths that
you can't beat through
the lesson is learned
but the consequences still burn
i was convinced last year
that "this WILL work"
when i got stranded i
came back into the Real World
If that didn't happen
i'd be deeper in the hellhole
what's workin for Usher
ain't work for me
wasn't lookin for a mother
contrary to belief
when we looked into
each other's eyes
we saw the opposite of what
was on the outside
Even though i am almost
half your age
i reminded you of your father
in his last dayz
you were part of my identity
i gave you all my energy
but you made sure
you did a lot less 4 me

you didn't really help me
you just held me
back when i shoulda been
with someone healthy
you alwayz played the role
that you were wealthy
but i paid every bill
and you would tell me
"i'll pay you back next week"
and you would fail me
i was on track till you
derailed me
dragged me down and then
you nailed me
by the time realized
had been bamboozled
it was too late
all my plans were ruined
You just can't teach
an old broad new tricks
no matter how hard
she tries to switch
unless GOD gets involved
then it's hopeless
I ain't really like
when my crib got robbed
how your things stayed
while minez were gone
i didn't reall like
when i questioned you
and you didn't react
how expected to

So my Fantasy became
a big Mistake
& my life's Greatest love
turned into Hate
but it didn't always seem
to be this way
but we did always argue
every 2-3 days
and when i look back to
the things you said
you've been telling me to leave
since we 1st met
If i could go back
and heed your warning
would it be spiced up
or be just boring?
would i be wifed up
or be just whoring?
would i be iced up
or be just poor me?
Two adults sleeping in
a Twin-size bed
everytime we break up
you ask "you wanna be friends?"
Each time you ran away
i took you back
but you wore my patience
until it snapped
and now when you call
i have nuthin to say
you aren't who i want
w/ my heart i'm afraid

Yeah, i did some bad things
so i deserve it
no, i'm not perfect
but this ain't worth it
Trust iz a LUXURY
that comes with RISK
and after this
I just can't afford it
plus to you, only kids are
and i know,
that's all you truly wanted
Our relationship, was a mere
that woulda made you
have to do too much
He's a Super Negro
Livin in a normal world
tryin to force his will
Realizin that he can't
but he's a stubborn man
so try he still will
until his will's killed
what is Done in the Dark
is Gonna Come 2 the Light
Everybody keep ur Gunz
4 our Sons we must Fight

Like a superhero
i fight against evil
i got a mission
the Rothschild heir on my Hit List
Kill them, let the Blood Flow
Like the Fench did
dead Aristocracy, Bureaucracy will not stop me
your threats don't phase me
you can’t al-Qaeda me
my cells are a cancer on
the organs of masonry
I know Jesse Jackson
was C.I.A. planted
i heard Dr. Ben Chavis be hatin
X shoulda murked him cuz he be fakin
when i get to The Architect
i'm pre-emptively strikin like Israel
cuz it's not Terrorism if White people do it
Ask what happened to my people's movement?
we didn't move anywhere
we too scared to leave America
cuz we used to it
strings orchestrating things
like a play w/ a little improvisation
Iraq was supposed to be
a little occupation
you spread disease in Africa
through Inoculation
Politicians talk but after studying
the transcript
you realize actually
they ain't sayin sh!t


they'll dismiss me as an incoherent
conspiracy theorist
becuz i think Katrina was a
Land-clearing Experiment
and if u still don't see the Obvious
just think why no one looks surprised
at these Press Conferences
Adam Weishaupt,
a Reformed Jew, gathered
the rich with New World Order views
and spread this society through exclusive schools
the insinuators plot @ night
under the light of the Morning Star
incarnate rebels of the sky
drive into skyscrapers in black cars
The Knights of Templar were sent far
to Ethiopia, where they still speak Aramaic
Jesus' language
in search of the Ark
the key to God's heart
the lions climb on
the Tower of Babel
up to the city of Zion
The Priory of Scion
hidin Mary Magdalane
from the Opus Dei
the daVinci Code left many details untold
itz no hocus pocus
The Occult Cross and Red Roses,
Silver Star and the Golden Dawn


i could go on & on
matter of fact, i will
so the Assassins can know
who it is they have to kill
on my way to Asheville
to visit the Vanderbilt castle
and map out the passages
underneath the mansion
that lead across the Atlantic
why you think we bought Alaska
eskimo palaces, esoteric islands
named after Egyptian captains
anti-Christian calendars
compasses seeking underwater cities
i believe anything that's unbelieveable easy!
the Illuminatti smokescreen is deceiving
Alien sightings Ben Franklin chasing lightning
Ma$e is my idol, share hate for the Pharoah
thought i had dough till I
went to Europe & came up short
now they using Euros up in New York
stopped trying to make a living and started
trying to make a difference
messages embedded in images
selling advertisements inside ur eyelids
everything we eat goes through the FDA
what we hear & see through the FCC
you need a MBA just to work @ MTV
Viacom bought out Johnson now have
the monopoly
if you want to know
who really got rid of Pac & Biggie
watch the ROC Boys video
JAY-Z, NAS, & Diddy !

Track Name: sounds like you angry @ GOD
i ain't never seen an angel
virgin women w/ halos
but my
secular, metaphysical theology
is fatal
-Ras Kass interpolation

i'll have to stay sober
no more rappin & Asian women
dippin in my basin of Attention
shootin it all into Flamin
this bastard has to die
crush him into shattered crumbs
suckin hash in my lungs
made blind to His betrayal
and the pain startin to come in
for the hurt and i'm stuck all i can do iz
fight cuz suicide is worse i'm Beat this curse
still movin, cops on my neck hairs
liquid shocks make my heart race
the wrong people retire
and the right people don't
drink off adrenaline downed the whole case
when the PO's sprayed wit that mace
i wuz possessed Ready set
choose or fire
childish role played
get in the back
incorrectly with case alwayz thin
ocean pyramid an hour demon of State
i threw this from my previous trips
to this station waitin for them to get
sloppy & forget about me. it happened it
wuz cloudy from the gunsmoke i picked up
a syringe half-filled wit dope
and stuck it to his neck
as i stopped at the witness house
crossed out his eyez peeled back
took pictures on his brain he wuz high
and he'll never be the same


mind like steel frozen
still holdin gallons of pleasure
to give golden bosom
drenched in holy curves flesh free clinic
nigga Ghtto steez, leave the condom
condom on your coffee table
afta i praise ya
love like dirtbikes after a race
muddy from you
i'm drownin in you
breaths i hardly take
clean slate
mike men new future
syphillis gonorrhea Tuskegee feeder
resurection fast the game of life cheater
chandelier, Do i look to the sky
and watch like wealth
will fall from the faucet
liquidized into books i read like a Monk!
somethin in the future got me
hooked - - pullin me forward more
to get to the Double feature
i just want you to know:
you don't want me, you just want my
my loyalty is jousted pushed around
focus on the newfound
2 shades lighter than Honey
stretcHiN A life filled
with money -- hangin 5lb
cherries -- eyez twinkle
A fairy hair like strands of suede
i wrapped is she worth it ?
i stop my life right here
wit no fear
Track Name: THIS is The END
seeking for a higher face
that designed
my life's time & place
if you awake and realize
that i'm away
divide my height & wgt.
by my license plate to
find out how i
the World of the Heart
the heart of the world
garner my acts
starting from scratch
like Metallica when they got jiggy
island of blood
filled with sissy's
no change at heart
everyone's good stayin where they are
my art Kevin Powell
reflecting stains and all
no one wants to fix the mirror
on one's tryin to get any nearer
arriving at any place clearer
. . . than before all this happened
i like to piss in the dark
and let everyone watch
and then they worried about
if i wash or not
my thoughts loud i'm
thinking anybody can
hear them
speak in tongues

this is the end

reach 4 the gun beer comma
tomboy drama
Yoko Ono Ohio Bible
the flow grows slow
Highlander nightvials Full Blown
Rainbow candle
Rambo castle
Rainbow castle
Rambo candle
joint flush monogamous
universes again
at each CONNECTION point
were human body parts
i shut my eyes --- the longer i looked
spiral sign at the top
when the purple light went away
a purple circle
salvation megatroopz
paper trust God covenant deal contract
covered antz
pentagon sheep
pentagon sleep
Banana Democratic
standin on a Black mattress
box in my spirit
i don't want to say AMEN
because i don't want, what i pray
to End


i wouldn't want to cause pain
in the heart of a man whose
gone insane
silhouette malice
Rambo mice
you Gun halo House
Israel staff Hall of guns
Baby small HD 259
heart causion
Faces happy hardcore wgt.
television style coldheart
traumatic loss of breath
infinite albatrane
universal cyclops
rolled the steel
Salem's lot child reasons stop
obsidian LAB
obsidian orders
lamb mode response
supreme legion
molotov kandy
kandy glock
Will Smith holds it
Down padlock
Track Name: The Origin
my Pops caught my Momz
she was waitin on the bus
I was born out of lust
that got changed into love
is a concept Darian
layin 'cross the bed
zoned out house arrest
Became an apprentice of
Daryl Davis & Dennis
the mascot of the team
Shim called me Billy D
gave me advice advice in junior high
was very pivotal
"Don't be a drone kid,
be a individual"
the outcome of this road was
much time alone
some of it spent on the Sega console
Samurai Showdown. If i knew then
what i know now
i'da learned how to draw
& urged my mom hard
to go to New York
where she woulda been embraced in
for her artist's spirit
we lived in the wrong places

To pittsburgh i moved
Dad pulled a slick move
left me at my Grandparents
instead of under his roof
excuse that he used
with him workin long shifts
no supervision i'd get into mischief
dealt w/ it through music
& Late Nite TV
Headphones a helmut of virtual reality
Dogg Pound was the 1st tape
i ever bought
then Legal Dope
got 'em both from PA Video
me & J went every Tuesday
it was ritual
Cardiac arrest caused the death
of my Grandpa
friend & icon of strength
was fast gone

In my own time
Get it in my own mind
LIQUID BONEZ at a crossroads of his Life
seem as tho close ones get stole in the night
LIQUID BONEZ at a crossroads of his Life

learned how to flow from Penny
down on Blackadore
that was where me & E
1st went back & forth
then we brought Brink to the fold
he had metaphors
He & Isaiah
were my rhyme cypher trainers
for hours on end
we'd transcend our mentals
over instrumentals
tape recorders/pencils
my interest in drugs led me to
interesting thugs
men full of wisdom yet
full of contradiction
Gina told me the Pharmakeya was
in the Bible
i'd be stupid or suicidal
not to change my lifestyle
my closest road dawg had already
moved onto 'C'
i'd had too many one
heart-to-heart talks w/ fiends
i got saved but didn't really
replace my mind
so i was haunted by my
alternate life's timeline
sleep deprived
head against the window on the
i stare into the eyes of
my reflection on the way
Dihaud said "let's go to the Maury
Povich Show" "for what?"
we all asked. "free lunch" we all laughed
Diggin for donuts in the bakery trash
i swiped a few bags at night
on Manhattan Ave
a malnourished poor as
dirt starvin artist student
my front two teeth were loose
i gave up rap music
when in need of a towpath
through perilous straits
turned to my saints
Naetron & Daryl Banks

Trying to see his own signs
in the Rome city lights
LIQUID BONEZ at a crossroads of his life
Runnin from the role he know he s'posed
to provide
LIQUID BONEZ drinkin from the Bowl of Advice

Drivin cross-country in a purple Saturn
Hungry MC, verses full of passion
grindin with a walkman,
livin off the Land
sleep in my back seat
sell cds for gas
took $7 showers at
truck stops that i passed
no flip-flop for sale so i
stood on shopping bags
Back in '03 fashion
low rise jeans
crackin unknown scene
in O.K.C.
snowcapped mountains in
i met a Native American
w/ a flow nastee
souls on the shelves
at pawn shops in Vegas
Help was offered once
your Heart was validated
had no such luck on
Crenshaw & Slauson
was a little let down didn't
get shot @ in Compton
Like a panhandler, Los Angelans
were treating me
then a lady met down in Santee
Alley said to me
be like Eazy-E & hand your
records out for FREE
employed this tactic &
look what happened
Led me to Shaun Lamb, Carmen
& H@pH@Z@RD
Miss these awesome kids
i lost contact wit
like this chick from Ottawa-
she fell off the grid
Some screened my calls,
pressed '7' at the end
email boxes send Mailer Daemon

In my own time
get it in my own mind
LIQUID BONEZ at a crossroads of his life
DIY GRIND, leave the Blind behind
LIQUID BONEZ took back control of his life

From warehouse to sweatshop
the jobs were wack
Blew my nose on my shirt
the snot was black
the bosses loved me but
saw it as a trap
i'm like the 1st rapper to
have anxiety attacks
if you know me you know i
got Hometown Claustrophobia
i gotta be on the Road
to feed my hopes of blowin up
some say its Not
where you from its where
you're at
i say its where seats are
While you're there
it's the Vibe you have on
the people in your sphere
to Carolina w/ fam i went down
to clear
support was good,
plan was fairly understood
Jobs handed to me, showed up
& Blair Underwood
my call center career
the calls were in the rear
of my mind, my eyes were on
all the rears
Dressin like a bum
young girls str8 ignored me
Affairs wit older ladies
took away my insecurities
me & Sisco still repped the P
to the Death
pilgrimage to the 'A'
to play roulette w/ connects
unsuccessful gettin on,
to our jobs so we went
Bein a part-time artist for me
was hard to accept
Didn't have the Balls to pay 4
the price of Admission
wasn't ready to sacrifice more
to make The Transition

In my own time
get it in my own mind
LIQUID BONEZ @ a crossroads of his Life
Even though i so try to pro-gress climb
LIQUID BONEZ still feel frozen in time

Cleanin up a can of soup
i threw against the wall
the 1st day i saw the
producer of this song
Temperamental Tendencies taken out in
Texas Hold 'em
Jesse & Shay gave a haven
to my soul then
casual scene, we were all bein open
heartz on our sleeves
vulnerable to bein broken
Learned how to give support when
Mike Murray got divorced
epiphanies reached laughin
drinkin on the porch
Bro. Ray hounded me to
take the Spiritual Encounter
so I boarded a bus pointed up
to the mountains
it was there in a room w/
Bro. Lou playin proxy
i let out the brooding, rotting
dross in me
Fell out, made up, & re-fell
out w/ Theo
Letter sent to Rita
but reply did she? No
me & Yo---gurt
rendezvoused at the gazebo
told me bout the bloodclot
that woulda been my Son
scooped 'em out the toilet in
a styrofoam cup

Don't know which way to go
been told soo many lies
LIQUID BONEZ @ a crossroads of his life
tryin to get his soul right &
keep his nose high
LIQUID BONEZ @ a crossroads of his life

Took a bartendin class
in a seedy office building
Ms. Gina taught me secrets
in how to make a killin
Back on my feet, thanks to Big Shots giving,
cash i ain't have since a kid stopped dealin
Jamaican job jugglin
days of destruction
stirring stagnation
in Boredom i'm Bubblin
my team losin steam
inefficient dreams
waitin for other people
to get their sh!t together stinks
Guilt & Resentment
Fulfilled my repentance
was praised & respected
for mundane successes
Twelve dollar three pack of
lambskin condoms, i could
tell you bout the bad chick
i had when i bought 'em . . was a
male bimbo then
A Black Ken doll w/ Braids
ladies loved the ponytail
but couldn't pronounce my name

trying to get his dough right &
keep his flow tight
LIQUID BONEZ Casanova mode of his life

In July finally, i get to go to Germany
i've wasted so much time 25
& no one's heard of me
felt free to be me w/o
the hyphening old
ladies smiled didn't seem
frightened of me
site seeing, handshaking,
eating ice cream
exposed me to a side that
the soldiers don't see
came home feelin like "Yo i got
the answer" my Grandma calls;
"Your Pops has cancer"
became MORE intimate with Dad
during this year
than i did in all the previous
when i lived here
it's ridiculous, it took siccness
to forge it
but the bond we have
has been rich & rewarding
Fishin pole convo
missin hole got sewn
Still in the chrysalis
little slow but i grow
In my Own time,
Get it in my own Mind
LIQUID BONEZ at a Crossroads
Yoo Tac-Bizzy
CHINO TARANTINO . . . what's good
i'm on the control boards
i'm an apostle
gangsta from tonsils to my tonsils
<see BLOODFIRE to get this joke>

i should be saying some sh!t right here
nghz don't want it
AhhhHHH! . . . . AAARRRGH!

Too many inactive activists talkin smack on the
saboteur like Anakin
The Darkness starts with a
man from within
Amethyst Rock Star
in a cop car w/ Assata Shakur
you can stand up if you got a place to
lay low
reopened case closed
files w/ choice names shown
Guantanamo Bay flown
2 stay on DeathRow
like Mumia in Philly
the City
of Brotherly Love
where they love to throw brothas over bridges
Keep my cohorts covert
so they won't be co-defendants
they watch who call collect
when you charged
ain't neccesarily gotta be locked up
to be caught
The PO's lock the Streets - Ctrl+Alt+Delete
you ain't have no bird
only a few stones so they
might let you go
kill two birds with one stone
a bird in the hand is worth
two in the bush
but a snitch on the block can
take you str8 to the cook

<repeat 3x in crescendo>
Swing, Swing, Swing &
Chop, Chop, Chop
siftin' through the debris
of anthropologists & cops

"What time is it?"
it'z time to eliminate C-P time kid
cus nghz been late since Alexander the Great
it'z time recognize the third leg
of the Triangle Slave Trade
the early bird cathces the wormhole
somethin, somethin, somethin virgo
i might "Surprise Nghz!"
Arrive ridin a bicycle
cuz gas prices fickle & i'm cynical about
the Rise & Fall of the Dollar
it'z time to start paying your momma's
property taxes
that's a lot to be askin a man
in his youth
increase communal sacrifice
Learned early in life;
All nghz ain't black &
All trash ain't white
make right what they left wrong
Ancient Kemetic Renaissance
nghz be, shallow they need
to dive deep in our history
gotta keep the grassroots growin
volunteerin beyond the Victory
the difference between
livin your mission
and being a contradictory
not just a mantra i repeat
it is me

<repeat 4x in crescendo & offbeat>

Swing, Swing, Swing &
Chop, Chop, Chop
siftin' through the debris
of anthropologists & cops
<gurgle, gargle><guUUUUUrgle, gargle>
This is the Prequel
i let the skeletons out the closet
but left their blood
in my inkwell
This is the Before/After The Rapture
my mother was captured & battered
i'm the bastard of Six pastors
unlike the Holy Fetus Jesus
i believe came from the semen of
the Holy Spirit's penis
i'm immersed in curses
please purge me of these urges,
endless drama & bad karma
I wanna go to Nirvana
make love to dominatrix madonna
on a
pentagram at the Pentagon
And i'd die right beside her
if i could find her
w/ her tongue inside the vagina of a minor
i'm the sign of the
One True GOD
no line w/ 2 dots
could divide my power
I am the isis in the eye of the tiger
i sit upon the Highest of Ivory Towers
Before I Arrive . . .
twins walk by w/ flowers
my spirit will live on
beyond the Final Hour <echo>

la fin